Ten years after incident, Chicago cop fired

Updated 1/4/2021 10:42 AM


A Chicago police officer has been fired a decade after allowed a fellow officer leave the scene where the other officer allegedly assaulted two people.


According to the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Police Board voted 8-1 last month to fire Officer Jason Burg for an incident that happened on June 26, 2010. The board determined that Burg allowed Chris Gofron, who was off duty at the time, to leave the scene without arresting him or taking down his information. Further, the board determined that Burg made 'false representations' to the review agency that investigated the incident.

But the decision to fire Burg was criticized by the lone board members who voted against firing the officer because it came so many years after the incident. Further, the firing took place despite the fact that a key witness to the incident died before he could testify last year at Burg's disciplinary hearing. The board did, however, allow into evidence the deposition that the witness gave years earlier in a federal lawsuit against Burg and Gofron. That suit was settled in 2012 with the city agreeing to pay the two alleged victims $160,000.

Gofron has since resigned from the police force.

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