Clubhouse Chatter: What's your first memory involving sports?

Updated 6/14/2020 5:34 PM

What our Sports staff has to say while waiting for the games to resume.

When I was a kid, my dad knew Jerry Lucas, a power forward for the Cincinnati Royals at the time. I think we went over to his house once or twice, but never went to a Royals game, unfortunately. They worked together on a short-lived fast food chain called Jerry Lucas Beef n' Shakes.


-- Mike McGraw

One of my first memories was when my dad brought us into the press box to meet Jack Brickhouse before a game. I was only about 8 years old, but I can still remember being extremely nervous while trying to think of a decent question to ask the legendary broadcaster. We still have a picture of Mr. Brickhouse showing us a program or a scorecard for the game that day.

-- John Dietz

Every self-respecting Cubs fan, when the Cubs were at home in the pre-lights era, would rush home from school to catch the last two or three innings of that day's Cubs game. Homework could wait. Mick Kelleher and Dave Kingman could not.

-- Orrin Schwarz

I can still remember my grandparents taking me to Wrigley Field for the first time when I was in first grade. I wasn't a huge sports fan at the time but that definitely left an impression and helped get me hooked.

-- John Lemon

Burt Hooton's no-hitter against the Phillies at Wrigley Field, April 16, 1972. I was 7. My brother and I watched it on TV in our family's living room. Because we feared we might jinx the rookie righty, we said we could move only during commercials. We did our job. We still talk about it. You're welcome, Burt.

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-- Joe Aguilar

I don't know if it was my first sports memory, but I distinctly remember watching the 1976 Summer Olympics on television when I was 6 years old. I also remember my family buying the Wheaties cereal box with Bruce Jenner on the front after he won the decathlon.

-- Kevin Schmit

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