$100 to help woman living with constant pain

Daily Herald report
Posted12/15/2019 5:30 AM

Today's recipient of a $100 bill through our Believe Project is Julie Schwartz of Buffalo Grove. Here is her story ...

"My sister-in-law is an amazing person. She takes care of her granddaughter to help out her daughter who is working and she is always willing to help anyone who asks. She always helps her neighbors and animals in the neighborhood. She is someone you can always count on.


"However, she is living with fibromyalgia and day-to-day tasks are very hard for her. She tries to push through, but that usually makes it worse. Many days she can't sleep or even move because the pain is so bad.

"She feels bad that she can't do as much as she used to. Medication has not worked well. She tries to do yoga to relieve pain, but sometimes even that is too painful.

"It would be so wonderful if she could use this money to find some kind of relief so she can live her life and spend quality time with her family and four grandchildren."

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