Who's who among the 14th Congressional District GOP candidates

By Jim Fuller
Updated 11/23/2019 4:46 PM

Here's a closer look at the eight people who say they plan to file to run in the Republican primary for the seat held by Democrat Lauren Underwood of Naperville.

Anthony Catella of St. Charles


An army veteran and former Catholic priest, he has raised $589 in campaign contributions.


• "The humble use of power."

• Supports term limits

• Bipartisanship

• "Order with justice under law."

Jerry Evans of Warrenville

The owner of the Jerry Evans School of Music, he has no publicly reported campaign contributions.


• Supports term limits and congressional ethics reform

• Believes life begins at conception

• Supports Trump's border wall plans and reforms of the asylum system

• Has a seven-point plan to combat human trafficking, the first detailed policy position of any of the candidates

Ted Gradel of Naperville

A former Notre Dame collegiate football player, the youth sports coach, futures trader and hedge fund investor has raised $569,000 in campaign contributions.

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• Supports term limits

• Supports making the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act permanent

• Wants to shrink federal debt

• Sees the fight against ISIS as "a blueprint for precise, limited action in cases where it is absolutely necessary"

Catalina Lauf of Woodstock

A former Uber employee appointed by President Donald Trump to be an adviser at the U.S. Department of Commerce, she has raised $104,000 in campaign contributions.


• Supports "securing the border"

• Opposes the Violence Against Women Act, saying the Second Amendment is the most powerful protection women have

• Opposes feminism and believes there is no widespread wage gap between men and women

• Opposes the Green New Deal

Danny Malouf of Crystal Lake

A human resources manager, he has raised $4,700 in campaign contributions.



• Ending all taxpayer-funded foreign aid

• Supports repealing the Patriot Act

• Supports ending the Federal Reserve

• Opposes current military actions overseas

James Marter of Oswego

The former Kendall County Republican Party chairman, who has had two previous unsuccessful runs for federal office, has raised $34,000 in campaign contributions.


• Supports a ban on lobbying by former members of Congress

• Opposes all federal funding of Planned Parenthood

• Supports Trump's border wall plan, reducing family-based visas and ending birthright citizenship for children of undocumented immigrants

• Supports tax cuts and paying down the national debt

Jim Oberweis of Sugar Grove

The dairy magnate and current member of the Illinois State Senate, who had unsuccessful runs for the U.S. Senate in 2002, 2004 and 2014, governor in 2006 and the 14th Congressional District in 2008, has raised $746,000 in campaign contributions.


• Supports strengthening security at the southern border

• Supports spending reductions and the elimination of "redundant government programs"

• Supports term limits and independent redistricting to prevent gerrymandering

• Believes government should have a limited role in health care

Sue Rezin of Morris

A current member of the Illinois State Senate and co-owner of a family real estate company, she has raised $246,000 in campaign contributions.


• Supports lowering the cost of prescription drugs

• Opposes ending private health insurance

• Supports additional security at the southern border

• Supports Trump's plans for national infrastructure improvements

• Platform information comes from the candidates' websites or statements made during media interviews or public appearances.

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