Taxpayers will suffer if runways expanded

Posted1/9/2019 1:00 AM

I am wholly opposed to any revenue generating business parcels in Wheeling being replaced with a tax-exempt runway. It is not in the taxpayers' best interest to have their village board vote to approve the removal of revenue generating businesses in order to make room for airport expansion.

If CEA (Chicago Executive Airport) persuades our board to agree to any expansion of the runway, trustees are essentially agreeing to require homeowners to pick up the difference in the property tax income that they voted to relinquish.


As Wheeling's village manager said at the Oct. 18, 2018 joint workshop, just because a market study supports the position that there is a need for a (certain type of business operation), doesn't mean that we have to fulfill that need.

Accordingly, I urge Wheeling trustees to think about we 37,000 taxpayers who will be required to compensate for the loss of revenue we will be shorted if the board votes to approve Chicago Executive Airport's proposal to expand the runway beyond the current roadway boundaries.

Manager Sfondilis told the board that in a representative form of government, you need to think about the taxpayers. I would add that you need to consider the impact on the other taxing bodies who will lose income if you agree to let tax-exempt CEA runway/operations take place on parcels that are currently providing them tremendous revenue.

I urge CEA to limit the expansion to their current roadway boundaries. The humble homeowners of the Village of Wheeling should not be required to sacrifice their own revenue sources that provide us quality municipal services; schools, parks and libraries to benefit private business interests.

Deborah Wilson


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