Share all the details with your technician

Posted10/21/2018 6:01 AM

By Doug McAllister

Sometimes we find that people will hold back some information when they bring their car in to get something fixed. There can be many reasons for this.


Maybe they're embarrassed because they did something wrong, such as damaging or failing to maintain the vehicle. Sometimes people think if they don't reveal everything, it might be less costly to fix the car. Reality is that without all the pertinent information, getting to the source of the problem may be time consuming and drive the repair cost up.

So always tell the whole story to your service provider when going in for service.

Recently a car came in with an air bag warning light on, which was the major concern. Then it was mentioned that the car was also pulling to the left.

After even further probing, the owner mentioned her son had texted her that he hit a curb and had to replace the left front tire. That was important information to share with the shop as these factors may all be related.

This is why a good service adviser will ask great questions when the car is dropped off. Sometimes what is seemingly an insignificant piece of information might be the whole key to what is going on with your vehicle.

So when you bring the car in, share everything you know that has happened, whether you think it relates or not. It could save the shop a lot of time diagnosing the problem, and you a lot of money.

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