Mundelein High School email aims to allay latest fears on campus

Daily Herald report
Updated 2/24/2018 4:46 PM

Capping off an emotionally trying week at Mundelein High School, officials sent out an email Friday that dismissed fears arising out of two disturbing finds on Thursday evening: a threatening online message accompanied by the image of a rifle, and a student's report of finding a shotgun shell in a school bathroom.

"We have been working with the Mundelein police on this issue and they have confirmed the source of the post came from out of state," the letter said in noting that the message with the rifle image was not a valid threat for Mundelein High School. "At about the same time yesterday (Thursday), a student reported finding a shotgun shell in a restroom. Once again we consulted with the MPD who further determined that there is no viable threat to MHS. In order to alleviate any safety concerns and to keep the atmosphere positive, there will be an increased police presence."


The letter came on the heels of a special all-school assembly on Thursday after a freshman girl was filmed at school wearing six small earrings that, when put together, spelled a racial slur.

"Whether we want it or not, it's making a statement about our community," Principal Anthony Kroll told a hushed gym packed with students. "We are stronger than that. We can't control what particular people say, but we can address it."

School officials and other students condemned the racial incident, and the girl has been suspended.

"These have truly become very trying times. The world we live in with social media and instant news has positives but some negatives as well," the school letter concluded. "Sometimes misinformation is spread and creates problems when it is later determined to be false. We ask that you please trust us and our 100 percent commitment to the safety and security of your children."

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