Fittest Loser tip #1: Get motivated

  • If you're feeling stuck in a rut, change up your workout routine.

    If you're feeling stuck in a rut, change up your workout routine.

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Posted2/26/2017 7:00 AM

Whether you're in full-out hibernation mode or stressed out from your busy schedule, your exercise routine could be the first to get the boot.

However, continuing your workouts will help you stay energetic and healthy while providing balance in your life.


Life can get busy and it is easy to lose motivation or become bored of your exercise routine in the midst of it all.

Lack of motivation, limited time and crummy weather can all work against your attempts at getting sufficient exercise -- whatever your reason, use some of the following tips to get moving.

• Mix up your routine; if you usually run, try weightlifting or taking a dance class.

• Find a sport that interests you and take a class or join a club.

• If using gym equipment at home, put a TV in front of the treadmill.

• Phone a friend -- sometimes a little company is all you need to get moving.

• If you have children, take them sledding or help them build a snow fort; wearing extra clothes and trudging through snow burns more calories than you might think!

• Look out for more weekly wellness tips from Assurance, a proud sponsor of the Fittest Loser.

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