Lake County township, park, library board candidates

Posted12/23/2016 1:00 AM


Antioch Township


Supervisor (One 4-year term)

*Steve Smouse

Tom Shaunessy

Denise Mandigo

Clerk (One 4-year term)

*Anita Merkel Dyer

Assessor (One, 4-year term)

*Heather Marotta

Highway commissioner (One 4-year term)

*Eric Ring

Trustees (Four 4-year terms)

*Peter Grant

*Steve Turner

Kris Shepard

*Judith Davis

Anne Guttschow

Avon Township

Supervisor (One, 4-year term)

*Lisa Rusch

Terry Wilke (People Over Politics)

Assessor (One, 4-year term)

*Christopher Ditton (People Over Politics)

Highway commissioner (One, 4-year term)

James "Jimmy" Shales (People Over Politics)

*Robert Kula

Clerk (One, 4-year term)

*Jeanne Kearby

Travis J. Haley (People Over Politics)

Trustee (Four, 4-year terms)

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Paul Law (People Over Politics)

Michele Bauman (People Over Politics)

Steven Ray Vaughn (People Over Politics)

Jacob Neff (People Over Politics)

Ela Township

Supervisor (One 4-year term)

Bob Kellermann

Gloria Palmblad (Serving Ela Township)

Highway commission (One 4-year term)

*Bill Kruckenberg (Serving Ela Township)

Assessor (One 4-year term)

*John Barrington (Serving Ela Township)

Clerk (one, 4-year term)

Ellen Osiadacz (Serving Ela Township)

Trustee Four 4-year terms)

Chris Bos (Serving Ela Township)

*Larry Bowman (Serving Ela Township)

Michael Jennings (Serving Ela Township)

Joel Sikes (Serving Ela Township)

Fremont Township


Supervisor (One 4-year term)

*Diana O'Kelly

Highway commissioner (One 4-year term)

*William D. Grinnell

Assessor (One 4-year term)

Joseph "Joe" Herchenbach

Clerk (One 4-year term)

*Christina J. McCann

Trustee (Four 4-year terms)

*Jeralyn "Jeri" Atleson

*Tami Forman

*Connie Shanahan

Keith Voss

Grant Township

Supervisor (One 4-year term)

*Kay Starostovic

Clerk (One 4-year term)

*Barbara Schau

Assessor (One 4-year term)

*Jeri Barr

Highway commissioner (One 4-year term)

*Kim Kiesgen

Trustees (Four 4-year terms)

*Robert Hamm

*Robert Selle

*Carol Ulasy

*Tom Lippert

Lake Villa Township

Supervisor (One 4-year term)

*Dan Venturi

Assessor (One 4-year term)

*Jeffrey Lee

Clerk (One 4-year term)

*Jean Smuda

Highway commissioner (One 4-year term)

*Jim Jorgensen

Trustees (Four 4-year terms)

*Glenn McCollum

*Terry Beadle

*Paul Berker

*Barbara Stout

Libertyville Township

Supervisor (One 4-year term)

*Kathleen M. O'Connor

Robin M. O'Connor

Assessor (One 4-year term)

*Peggy A. Freese

Clerk (One 4-year term)

*Anne Hansen

Highway commissioner (One 4-year term)

*Marty Neal

Trustee (Four 4-year terms)

*Lawrence W. Falbe

Matthew A. Kovatch

Carol A. August

*David Nield

*Terry A. White

Wauconda Township

Supervisor (One 4-year term)

*Glenn Swanson (Wauconda Township for the People)

Highway commissioner (One 4-year term)

Scott Weisbruch (Wauconda Township for the People)

Jamie Munson

Assessor (One 4-year term)

*Patricia Oaks (Wauconda Township for the People)

Clerk (One four-year term)

*Christine Rowe (Wauconda Township for the People)

Trustee (Four 4-year terms)

*Sheryl Ringel (Wauconda Township for the People)

*Kevin McKernan (Wauconda Township for the People)

Steven Stiller (Wauconda Township for the People)

Robin Lindberg (Wauconda Township for the People)

Vernon Township

Supervisor (One four-year term)

Robert C. Kelly (Township Citizens Party)

Daniel C. Didech

Highway Commissioner (One four-year term)

*Bryant D. Schroeder (Township Citizens Party)

Michael H. Lofstrom (Democrat)

Assessor (One four-year term)

*Gary P. Raupp (Township Citizens Party)

Clerk (One four-year term)

*Barbara Barnabee (Township Citizens Party)

Trustee (Four 4-year terms)

*Krystyna E. Luby (Township Citizens Party)

*Kyle P. Steininger (Township Citizens Party)

*Michael D. Theisen (Township Citizens Party)

James A. Kedroski (Township Citizens Party)

Jonathan Altenberg (Democrat)

Roger Addelson (Democrat)

Philip Hirsh (Democrat)

Adam Broad (Democrat)

Library district boards

Antioch District Library (Three 4-year terms)

*Andrew Napier

James Santi

Cook Memorial Public Library (Three 4-year terms)

*Bonnie Quirke

*Ann Oakley

Phyllis Dobbs

Mike Henneberry

Ela Area Public Library (Four 4-year terms)

*James Dewey

*James Stamoolis

Ken Fuller

Eric Corzine

Fremont Public Library (Three 4-year terms)

*Carol Mallquist

*Timothy L. McCue

*Marla Wolf

Terry Wood

(One unexpired 2-year term)

No candidates filed

Fox Lake Public Library (Two 6-year terms)

*Germaine Patryn

*Marie Swiss

Grayslake Area Public Library Trustee (Two, 6-year terms)

*Wendy Petera

*Timothy Powell

Lake Villa District Library (Three 4-year terms)

*Anthony Gundrum

Felicia Case-Johnson

Terence O'Brian

Round Lake Area Public Library (Three 4-year terms)

*Laura Frye

Deborah Jones

Warren-Newport Public Library (Three 6-year terms)

Anne Linsdau-Hoeppner

Bonnie Sutton

Kathleen Kettman

(One unexpired 2-year term)

*Jo Beckwith

Wauconda Public Library (Four 4-year terms)

*William Pankey

*Joyce Houston

*Thea Morris

Sherri Sorenson

Vernon Area Public Library District (Two 6-year terms)

*Jay Kasten

Laura Caplin

Amarinder Grewal

*Ed Acuna

Park district boards

Buffalo Grove Park District (Two 4-year terms)

*Scott B. Jacobson

*Jack Schmerer

Grandwood Park Park District (Two unexpired terms)

*William Reil (unexpired 2-year term)

*Cherie Pressley (unexpired 4-year term)

Grayslake Community Park District Commissioner (Four, 4-year terms)

*Dennis Kennedy

*Marlon Rodas

*Raymond Larson

Gurnee Park District (Three, 4-year terms)

*Jim Goshorn

*Libby Baker

*Vicki Paddock

Lindenhurst Park District (Two 6-year terms)

*Lisa Behnke

*James Stout

(One 2-year unexpired term)

Victoria McCabe

Mundelein Park and Recreation District (One 6-year term)

*Bob Knudson

Round Lake Area Park District (Two 6-year term)

*Christine Gentes

*Paul C. Hollingsworth

(One 4-year term)

Michael Blum

Vernon Hills Park District (Two 6-year terms)

*David Doerhoefer

*Bruce Robbins

Wauconda Park District (Two, 4-year terms)

*Wanda Jackson Kadlec

Laura Schultz

Wildwood Park District Commissioner (Two 4-year terms)

Becky Jante

Anna Nelson Anelson

David Rupp

* denotes incumbent

Still seeking information for races in Cuba Township, Barrington Hills Park District, Lake Barrington Countryside Park District,

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