Candidates in Lake County

Updated 12/21/2016 5:13 PM

Some of the candidates running for school board seats in 2017.

Millburn Elementary D24 (Four 4-year terms)

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Jim Guziak

Brendan Murphy

John Heath Rosten

Emmons Elementary D33 (one unexpired 2-year term)

Gretchen S. Leighliter

Emmons Elementary D33 (Four 4-year terms)

*Joyce L. West

*Laurie Christophersen

*Benny Yee

Robert J. Davis

Antioch Elementary D34 (Four 4-year terms)

Christine Green

Crystal Penn

*Diane McMahon

Grass Lake Elementary D36 (Four 4-year terms)

*Cynthia S. Collins

*Susan Kozenski

*Debra Fogel

Andrew F. Williams

Jim Heischberg

John Frendreis

Russell Page

*Ron Lobodzinski

Susanne Tauke

Gavin Elementary D37 (Four 4-year terms)

*Eric D. Bechelli

Big Hollow Elementary D38 (Four 4-year terms)

*Kevin Lyons

Tiffany Enters

*James M. DeVito

Lauren Plescia

*Julia Mazur

(One 2-year term)

No candidates have filed


Lake Villa Elementary D41 (Three 4-year terms)

*Kurt Hansen

*Mark Aleckson

Edward Liberman

Grayslake Elementary D46 (Four 4-year terms)

*Steven R. Strack

*Stephen H. Mack

James Weidman

Jason Lacroix

Woodland Elementary D50 (Four 4-year terms)

Joseph DeRosa

Jennifer L. Haack

James J. Hurd

*Anthony V. DeMonte

*Renea Amen

*Bill Barnabee

Joyce Mason

Richard A. Payne

*Carla N. Little

(One unexpired 2-year term)

Elizabeth Helgren

*Vincent A. Juarez

Gurnee Elementary D56 (Three 4-year terms)

*Odie Pahl

*Mark D. Pos

*James Blockinger

Oak Grove Elementary D68 (Four 4-year terms)

Cathie Anest DeMoon

Krysia W. Ressler

Jonathan Baffico

Matthew Marra

*Jennifer Manski


Libertyville Elementary D70 (Four 4-year terms)

*Tom Vickers

*Wendy Schilling

Chris Coughlin

Timothy P. McGrory

Joshua Gordon

Marc F. Grote

Adam Phillips

Kellen Ronald Merchen

Rondout Elementary D72 (Four 4-year terms)

Farrah Watson

*Kim Sturonas

*Susan Bush

Scott Kopecky

Hawthorn Elementary D73 (Three 4-year terms)

Wesley Ann Polen

Joseph L. Kain

Sol Bahng

Matt Jacobs

*Louis E. Gatta

Julie Simpson

Mundelein Elementary D75 (Four 4-year terms)

Kurt Erickson

Robert Michael DuPont

*Wells L. Frice

*Kevin Holly

Diamond Lake Elementary D76 (Three 4-year terms)

Gregory Sobacki

Fremont Elementary D79 (Four 4-year terms)

*Michael Jandes

*Jason Bonds

Maria Simoncelli

Shawn Killackey

*Mark Anthony Ponce

(Two 2-year terms)

No candidates filed

Lake Zurich Unit District 95 (Four 4-year terms)

*Scott A. McConnell

Andrea Trudeau

*Eileen M. Maloney

*Lisa Warren

*Kathy Brown

Vasili D. Russis

Kildeer-Countryside Elementary D96 (Four 4-year terms)

*Marc Tepper

*Renee D. Klass

*James Strezewski

*Cynthia Zarkowsky

(One, 2-year)

*Meg Woodman

Aptakisic-Tripp Elementary D102 (Three 4-year terms)

*Scott Linn

Suzanne Audi

*Jeremy Galfield

Laura Golden

*Pelleg Graupe

Lincolnshire-Prairie View Elementary D103 (Four 4-year terms)

*Ann van Gerven

*Malathy Dwaraknath

Liang Yang

*Kate Harper

(One unexpired 2-year term)

Michael Odongo

Marissa W. Grossenbach

Fox Lake Elementary D114 (Four, 4-year terms)

*Sarah Bochniak

*Matthew Dabrowski

*Bonnie Sherwin

*Roger T. Smith Sr.

(One unexpired, 2-year term)

*L. Andrew Martin

Round Lake Unit District 116 (Three 4-year terms)

*Kevin Daniels

*Michael S. Francisco

*Peg Larson

(One unexpired 2-year term)

Jennifer C. Klingler

Antioch High School D117 (Four 4-year terms)

*Bart Winkler

*Wayne Sobczak

Bruce L. Pagni

(One unexpired 2-year term)

No candidates filed

Wauconda Unit District 118 (Four 4-year terms)

*Carey McHugh

*Brian Swanson

Sam Stein

*David A. Patterson

Vincent J. Torossy

Grant High School D124 (Four 4-year terms)

*Ruth A. Michniewicz

*Stephen T. Hill

*J. Kevin Hunter

Don "Coach" Rowden

*Paul LaRoche

Stevenson High School D125 (Three 4-year terms)

*Gary Gorson

*Sunit Jain

*Steven G. Frost

Grayslake High School D127 (Three 4-year terms)

Amy R. Knutson-Strack

*Russell Chamberlin

*Douglas Nerge

Libertyville High School D128 (Four 4-year terms)

*Karin Lundstedt

*Patrick Groody

*Ellen E. Mauer

Kevin B. Huber

Jeffrey J. Harte

(One 2-year term)

Mackenzie Thurman

Kris Hoult

Mundelein High School D120 (Four 4-year terms)

*Sara Davalos

*Tamera M. Forman

*Laura Mellon

Laura Lynn Vogt

Thomas F. Ouimet

Warren Township High School D121 (Four 4-year terms)

*John R. Anderson

Jonita C. Wilson

Paul Schulz

*Jim Walz

*Catherine Campbell

*Liz Biondi

Barrington Area Unit School District 220 (Four 4-year terms)

*Penelope "Penny" Kazmier

Gavin Newman

*Sandra Ficke-Bradford

*Christopher Geier

Anissa Cyhaniuk

Christopher A Karam

Michael Shackleton

College of Lake County (Two 6-year terms)

Catherine M. Finger

Loretta K. Dorn

James Creighton Mitchell, Jr.

Michele Vaughn

Jim Walsh

Julia B. Shroka

Gerri Songer

Matthew Stanton

Regional Board of School Trustees (Two 6-year terms)

*Donald J. Fontana

* denotes incumbent

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