Distribution of Food & Toys for needy people and children in Niles & Skokie

  • Volunteers of Distribution of Food & Toys DriveSyed Ullah

    Volunteers of Distribution of Food & Toys DriveSyed Ullah

Syed Ullah
Updated 12/21/2016 6:56 AM

Since last several years The Skokie Caucus Party and Niles Township Food Pantry Annually joined together and distributed large amount of Food & Toys for several hundreds of poor and needy People. According to the member of Skokie Village Ms. Yesoe Yoon the mission is behind to bring holiday spirit to less fortunate children in our community. In past years, the our team and organizers have been successful in raising thousands of dollars which goes toward the purchase of new toys and sports equipment for underprivileged children in our neighborhoods. This year in 2016 so far we collected Donations more than last year for Food & Toys.
On December 19th, 2016 Niles Township government and Skokie Caucus distributed food and toys together for upcoming holidays. Niles Township Government Food Pantry manager, Tony Araque was in charge of the all the distribution. Many of dignitaries were present including Mark Collins (Niles Township trustee), Janice A. Cichowlas (Niles Township Trustee) Marilyn D. Glazer (Supervisor). Skokie caucus helps with toy drive annually and many members helped with distribution including James McCarthy (Skokie Caucus Chair), Michael Lorge (Village of Skokie, Corporation Counsel), Pramod Shah (Village of Skokie Clerk), and Yesoe Yoon (member). Many stood a long line despite of the brutally cold weather. Large numbers Skokie businesses and organizations participated in the Annual Toy Drive, and over 500 toys were collected. Niles Township government prepares many food pantries several events for those who need help the most. About 1000 people get turkey, Food cans, potatoes, toys, etc.