Filmmaker juggles mind-boggling conspiracy theories in 'Hillary's America'

  • Dinesh D'Souza investigates the true history of the Democratic party and Hillary Clinton's motives in the documentary "Hillary's America."

    Dinesh D'Souza investigates the true history of the Democratic party and Hillary Clinton's motives in the documentary "Hillary's America."

Posted7/21/2016 5:15 AM

Perhaps the best way to endure Dinesh D'Souza's bumpy, off-the-rails train to Paranoia Town would be to imagine that Mel Brooks or Monty Python directed "Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party" as a zany political comedy that steps on laughs.

D'Souza compares Democrats to con men and fraud artists. "What if," he intones in ominous voice-over narration, "their plan is to steal America?" Already, this is an embarrassment to propaganda films.


"Hillary's America" the India-born filmmaker's follow-up to his 2014 hit movie "Obama's America," weaves mind-boggling conspiracy theories so mired in invectives that they must be true. After all, who could make this stuff up?

D'Souza suggests, mostly through cheesy "dramatic re-enactments," that the Democratic Party masterminded the Lincoln assassination, supported the KKK and backed the extermination of Native Americans.

But D'Souza is only sharpening his blade for the political flaying of the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee who, he claims, wanted hubby Bill to have extramarital affairs so she could control him.

"She orchestrated all of this!" D'Souza's voice-over narration thunders. "She used his addiction to make him dependent upon her!"

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The first part of this movie details how the filmmaker spent eight months in jail for illegal contributions to a U.S. Senate campaign, a penalty he asserts was nothing but vengeful payback for his 2014 film.

"Hillary's America" comes loaded with so many fried thoughts and lapses of basic journalistic practices that they camouflage whatever valid information the film might contain.

By the end, D'Souza throws away any pretense of intellectual appeal and goes straight for the right side of his audience's brains.

He rolls out impressive choral/symphonic renditions of patriotic songs, complemented by fireworks and footage of military hardware.

These have no connection with Clinton or the Democrats' history. Maybe it's just D'Souza's way of distracting the poorly educated.

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