INfrequently Asked Questions: Comic book collector C.J. Penhaligen

  • A selfie of C.J. Penhaligen of Libertyville with some of his comic books.

    A selfie of C.J. Penhaligen of Libertyville with some of his comic books. Courtesy of C.J. Pehaligen

Posted9/5/2015 6:55 AM

This week's INfrequently Asked Questions features C.J. Penhaligen, who tells us who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman.

C.J. Penhaligen


Age: 18

Hometown: Libertyville

Why him? Some people collect stamps, baseball cards, dolls or movie memorabilia. Penhaligen collects comic books. And with popular culture embracing the adventures of men and women in capes and cowls like never before, it's a super time to be a comic book collector.

Q. How did your collection begin?

A. "I've been collecting comics for about six years. I started collecting while at Dreamland Comics in Libertyville. I originally just liked playing games at Dreamland, but then started reading the books and loved it immediately."

Q. Of the slate of comic book-inspired movies headed to theaters, which are you most excited to see?

A. "'Infinity War' (an upcoming Avengers film) … because Thanos is my favorite Marvel villain and I want to see him destroy the Avengers."

Q. Batman vs. Superman -- who would win in a fight?

A. "Batman would crush Superman because he has superior intelligence and he has Kryptonite gloves, which are pretty useful against the Man of Steel."

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Q. And speaking of Batman, why hasn't he just killed the Joker already? Certainly if any villain deserves getting whacked, it's Joker.

A. "Batman can't kill Joker because he would be breaking his one rule to not kill. Batman not killing Joker shows how strong his will is to never take the life of another person, proving how awesome of a superhero he is."

Q. Do you still have your first comic book? What is it?

A. "'Blackest Night' No. 1 by Geoff Johns was the first single issue I ever read and I still have it to this day. Johns is my favorite writer in comics, so I treasure that issue."

Q. What comic book creator would you most like to meet for lunch, and what would you talk about?

A. "Alan Moore (writer of 'Watchmen' and other classic comics), because I would really like to pick his mind about the amazing stories he's written."

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