Gasp! Rauner orders ketchup on hot dog

Updated 10/28/2014 8:11 PM

As part of his suburban swing Tuesday, Republican candidate for governor Bruce Rauner stopped at a Portillo's in Vernon Hills and committed what some believe to be a Chicago cardinal sin: He ordered ketchup on a hot dog.

The faux pas was duly noted by pundits on social media who expressed outrage at the order, which also included a plain hot dog and one with everything.


A leading Rauner's spokesman took to Twitter to clarify that the ketchup-covered hot dog was for a member of his staff, and that Rauner's hot dog came with everything, according to a Daily Herald video of the campaign stop.

Later in the day, Rauner's campaign press secretary Lyndsey Walters owned up the ketchup-ladden dog tweeting "Hey, that hot dog with ketchup was for me. What happened to a woman's right to choose?"

For his part, Quinn's campaign twitter responded with a photo of a hot dog decked out with all the Chicago dressings and the caption, "This is how it's done." The social media exchange was a moment of levity in what has been a hard-fought campaign as the two candidates battle to the finish line in next week's gubernatorial election.

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