Imrem: It's a good thing Marshall spoke out

  • Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall might be the most likely candidate to speak up about the team's woes, but at least somebody did.

    Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall might be the most likely candidate to speak up about the team's woes, but at least somebody did. Associated Press

Updated 10/20/2014 11:58 PM

So, Brandon Marshall's hot button was pushed after the Bears' loss to the Dolphins.

One of the primary debates Monday was whether this was a good thing, a bad thing or nothing at all.


It was a good thing.

Somebody on this football team had to demonstrate a pulse and start throwing insults around, if not furniture.

Steady, stable, measured coach Marc Trestman sure isn't going to be the guy to go off on anyone.

Cool, calm, collected quarterback Jay Cutler doesn't seem to have the type of leadership qualities fit the bill.

So who then?

The Bears clearly were disappointed by their latest failure. As disappointed as their fans and members of the media that almost unanimously picked the Bears to beat the Dolphins?

Well, usually you can't tell. The mantra from coaches and players alike usually is that they'll go back to work, clean things up and move forward.

That mindset fits the personality of the head coach. It fits the personality of the quarterback. It pretty much fits the personality of the entire organization.

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Now that the Bears' record is 3-4 with upcoming trips to New England and Green Bay, it can be said that the usual approach isn't working.

The Bears needed someone to rant before the season is completely in a Dumpster somewhere outside Halas Hall.

Someone on this team, in this organization, had to demonstrate that he cares enough to risk sounding foolish.

Up stands the mercurial Marshall.

The gifted wide receiver did sound foolish barking at kicker Robbie Gould and implying that Cutler deserves blame for the Bears' predicament. But someone did have to say something loud enough to project the hurt that should be projected after another embarrassing loss.

If somebody else on this team were a true leader who could be relied upon to publicly genuinely express his emotions, perhaps Marshall wouldn't have had to.


Marshall isn't exactly the guy who fits the role best. Too many people are tired of hearing from him on so many subjects, even well meaning ones like his borderline personality disorder.

For a while, local reporters couldn't get Marshall to stop talking. Now that he has a national gig on Showtime, he's heard less around here.

But Marshall always is going to be talking somewhere. He doesn't know how to not be talking somewhere.

That's a problem in circumstances swirling around now from Sunday through Monday into today.

The more someone talks, the less he's heard. Or if he's heard, as Marshall was in the post-loss locker room, he's questioned for being the one questioning what's going on.

Is Marshall being selfish? What are his motives? Are outbursts like this why two previous teams were glad to get rid of him?

Better that someone with a quieter personality -- and a resume with at least one playoff appearance -- would be the one to say what had to be said.

You know, maybe another of the Bears' good players who generally just goes about his business without routinely drawing attention to himself.

When someone like that loses it, everyone from players to coaches to fans to the media to the rest of the NFL tend to listen.

Unfortunately, the Bears don't seem to have anyone who fits that description anymore.

Trestman and Cutler haven't indicated that they are willing, even if they were able. Peanut Tillman is hurt. So is Lance Briggs, who wasn't playing all that well when healthy.

Brian Urlacher isn't around to provide leadership anymore. Olin Kreutz isn't around to scare slumping teammates.

So that left it to Brandon Marshall to go on the tirade heard 'round the entire Chicago metropolitan area.

It had to be expressed even if it took a hot-button player's button to be pushed.

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