Rozner: Cutler has never been more ready to go

  • Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is completely comfortable in coach Marc Trestman's offense, so much so that Barry Rozner said it's too bad the season doesn't start Sunday.

    Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is completely comfortable in coach Marc Trestman's offense, so much so that Barry Rozner said it's too bad the season doesn't start Sunday. Mark Welsh | Staff Photographer

Updated 8/15/2014 7:09 PM

The Bears had run a grand total of five plays on offense when Jay Cutler walked off the field at the end of the first quarter Thursday night.

They had gone three-and-out on the Bears' first series of the game against the Jaguars at Soldier Field when Matt Forte got only a yard on a third-and-3.


They lost their second possession when Eric Weems fumbled the kickoff, and they were facing third-and-10 to start the second period.

Yet, when Cutler walked slowly to the sideline at the end of the first 15 minutes, it was as casual as a stroll down Michigan Avenue on a perfect summer day, pushing a baby buggy and enjoying the warm breezes and the lovely sights.

Not a care in the world.

That's where Jay Cutler is right now. That's how comfortable he is with Marc Trestman and the offense. That's how confident he is in the Bears' offensive personnel and their potential.

"It was different," Cutler said of the slow first quarter. "Three-and-out and then get back on the field with 30 seconds to go. Some games are like that. You never know how it's going to turn out."

Yeah, that's Cutler taking everything in stride and remaining cool as a frozen cucumber -- except, perhaps, when Weems runs the wrong route.

So when the second quarter started, Cutler calmly took the snap in the shotgun, went through his reads and stepped up in the pocket before finding Martellus Bennett over the middle for 25 yards and a first down.

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"We overcame a couple of third downs in the second quarter," Cutler said. "Got a little rhythm going, so that was good."

After the Bennett catch, Cutler walked the Bears down the field, getting extraordinary protection the entire drive.

"I think the offensive line is playing at a really high level," Cutler said. "We want to get the running game (moving) a little bit better than we did early on.

"We kind of had to wait around for a long time. That was tough, but we bounced back."

On third-and-goal from the 4-yard line, Cutler took the snap and looked at Matt Forte far right, checked on Bennett inside right, looked left and then found Brandon Marshall shaking free across the middle. He waited for Marshall to muscle a defender and hit his favorite target for the touchdown.

"I was (looking) on the backside with Marty and Matt and they covered that up," Cutler said. "I came back to (Marshall) and just had to wait for him to find an opening.


"I guess with that offensive line, I think anybody could have stood back there. The line gave me a lot of time. It wasn't our cleanest drive, but we got the job done."

Cutler jogged off the field with nary an emotion after a 10-play, 85-yard drive that included one conversion from a penalty.

The Bears quarterback already looks dialed in and if he could tell the truth, he'd probably like the season to start this Sunday.

"I'm excited to get back home. I think everyone is ready to go home," Cutler said of the Bears leaving Bourbonnais Wednesday. "The first week of camp usually goes by pretty quick. Then it gets pretty slow.

"We're excited to get back. I think we have Saturday off and then we'll get back at it on Sunday. We've got a big week next week."

The Bears will practice through Wednesday, travel to Seattle Thursday and face the Super Bowl champs Friday night in what is generally considered the only real half of football most teams play in the preseason.

And they'll play exhibition game No. 3 in a very hostile environment.

"It will be huge for us to go through the motions of traveling, of going through the game plan week, and then semi-preparing for an opponent," Cutler said, "and then going out there and working on a silent counts against a really good defense.

"Obviously, that's a really good team. It will be a good test to see where we're at offensively, defensively and special teams."

Well, there's still much to be learned about the defense, and thus far the special teams have been especially awful, but there is no doubting where the pass offense is already.

If they can stay relatively healthy, they have the weapons and the line to be one of the best offensive clubs in the NFL.

Most important, Trestman's quarterback is ready to go and could not be more confident. You can see it on the field, in the huddle, in front of the media and even the way he walks off the field.

Right now, that's a man without a care in the world.

Too bad for Jay Cutler the season doesn't start Sunday.

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