Critic for the day, Joseph Billquist, discusses Peter and the Starcatcher with host Diana Martinez of Broadway in Chicago

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Short and Sweet critic for the day, Joseph Billquist of St. Charles, has years of experience in the theater, both backstage and onstage. Though currently an actor as well as a member of the Board of Directors of Steel Beam Theatre in St. Charles, he still makes a point to watch each show from the perspective of the audience. As he puts it, "the audience is king -- if the audience doesn't enjoy it, it isn't a good show."

For Billquist, Peter and the Starcatcher was "staged magnificently" and he found the actors to be multi-talented and to have great timing. He found the musical to be unexpected and feel almost more like a play.


See below for a review by Diana Martinez.

Peter and the Starcatcher brilliantly creative and beautifully staged

By Diana Martinez of Broadway in Chicago

The inventive and imaginative production Peter and the Starcatcher played at the Bank of America Theatre through April 13. This well-written play is about an orphan who is whisked away on an exhilarating adventure aboard a ship called Neverland and answers the century-old question of how Peter Pan became "The Boy Who Never Grew Up."

My opening night guest audience critic was actor and Steel Beam Theatre Board

Member Joseph Billquist of St Charles, Illinois. Neither of us really knew what to expect going into the show, but we were both pleasantly surprised by this innovative production. The unique story-telling style brilliantly delivers dozens of comedic styles, from vaudeville to melodrama to slapstick, bringing to life a script that is full of double-entendres and puns. The show even manages to squeeze in witty modern day references that are still delivered in beautifully written pentameter prose. The show boasts a talented ensemble of twelve, highly versatile actors who energetically transform into over 100 different characters in this clever, story-theatre-style production.

The highlight of the show was when we learned how the character Black Stache, brilliantly portrated by John Standers, became the more commonly known villain, Captain Hook. We learn why Captain hook is missing his hand. As Joe Billquist put it, "That scene could be a master class in comedic timing."

The ensemble doesn't only play their parts; they perform as set pieces and props, with shrewd staging that brings our imaginations to life: ropes become doors or mirrors, gloves become birds, etc. The entire show is underscored with live sound effects and music that accents the action.

Don't miss this fun and fast paced 5-time Tony Award winning comedy. Peter and the Starcatcher runs about 2 and half hours with an intermission. This wonderfully acted show is written for adults, as well as families, and is not a traditional children's show. However, it's perfectly appropriate for audience members ages 10 and up. The show is in town at the Bank of America Theatre though April 13 only. On behalf of the Daily Herald, and Broadway In Chicago, I look forward to seeing you at the theatre!

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