Chicago aldermen want sick pay for all employees

Associated Press
Updated 3/5/2014 6:06 PM

Several Chicago aldermen are proposing an ordinance that would require employers in the city to provide paid sick days for their workers.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports the ordinance would mean paid sick days for 460,000 private-sector workers. That includes the majority of low-income food service and health care workers. They often don't get paid sick leave.

Under the ordinance employers with at least 10 workers would have to provide them nine paid sick days a year. Businesses with fewer than 10 workers would have to provide them with five days a year.

Proponents say the ordinance would prevent workers from passing along illnesses they now may carry to work.

Tanya Triche of the Illinois Retail Merchants Association argued the proposal would be a hardship for small businesses.

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