Angelo's criticism of Cutler on the money to this observer

  • Former Bears general manager Jerry Angelo leveled some harsh criticism at quarterback Jay Cutler, which Mike North believes is justified.

    Former Bears general manager Jerry Angelo leveled some harsh criticism at quarterback Jay Cutler, which Mike North believes is justified. Associated Press

Updated 2/14/2014 6:16 AM

Twice in the span of a couple of years, my sometimes unpopular positions on two major issues have been supported by major authorities.

First, it was when Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay in October was somewhat surprised by the over-the-top accolades his former quarterback Peyton Manning was getting after only winning one Super Bowl ring for the "horseshoes."


I thanked Irsay then in print and on the air for giving support to the media minority who believe Manning's legacy isn't as strong as many others think.

Second, I read the other day that former Bears general manager Jerry Angelo took some heavy shots at the quarterback he brought to Chicago -- Jay Cutler.

Now let me say I never thought Angelo was all that great, but he did do some good things when he was Bears GM.

He helped the Bears reach a Super Bowl in 2006, when they lost to Manning's Colts.

He acquired Robbie Gould -- an outstanding place-kicker -- and he hired Lovie Smith, who was a pretty good coach.

But I don't have enough space in the column to list all of his mistakes -- and what's the sense?

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It's enough to say that Angelo can't get a knock on the door or the phone to ring.

Mike Florio, NBC's Sunday Night NFL football contributor, was on my Fox sports radio show and thought Angelo had become somewhat irrelevant in football circles.

By dogging Cutler, Angelo shined the spotlight onto himself.

Right or wrong, I never thought I'd hear Angelo speak out so strongly against Cutler, but the comments don't surprise me because I have been on record since Cutler was acquired from Denver that it was a bad signing.

Angelo wrote, "He (Cutler) has all the physical tools, but inconsistent in the clutch. Mostly due to a lack of poise. He's not comfortable reading defenses and consequently locks onto a favorite or predetermined target that may or may not be the right choice. The less he's asked to see, the better he is. A better half-field general than a full-field one."

Why the Bears would sign Cutler to a 7-year, $126 million deal escapes me. I'm sure Angelo has some sour grapes, but isn't there some truth to his words?


Who's right, the current Bears staff or the former GM?

For one of the few times, I'm in Angelo's camp -- and the proof is in the pudding. It was interesting to see Denver in the Super Bowl without Cutler because back in the day he was the Broncos' golden boy.

Bears fans, just ask yourself, is Cutler a Super Bowl quarterback?

And how much damage did Jerry Angelo do to his own career by admitting his selection of Cutler hasn't played out very well for the Bears?

I'm standing on the fact that it was a horrible signing, and I'm uneasy that Angelo is an ally on this one, but wouldn't he know?

Just sayin'.

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