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updated: 12/13/2013 1:18 AM

Nice that Bears have decided on QB even if fans haven't

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  • New York Giants safety Antrel Rolle (26) pushes on the helmet of Bears quarterback Jay Cutler (6) during the second half of a game in Chicago.

    New York Giants safety Antrel Rolle (26) pushes on the helmet of Bears quarterback Jay Cutler (6) during the second half of a game in Chicago.
    Associated Press


I'm as happy as the entire Channel 2 news team out for a night of ice skating that the Bears have named a starting QB for the Cleveland game.

Not happy that it's the right or wrong call, but happy that it stops all this endless speculation.


But ...

You know it won't end the divided nature of Bears fans when it comes to the quarterback issue.

Nope. Not one bit.

This Jay vs. Josh debate is gonna continue as long as the season continues ... and probably beyond.

Heaven forbid:

The Bears lose Sunday.

Taking a chance:

Item: NBC assuming the Bears will still be in the playoff hunt and flexing out of a Tom Brady appearance a week from Sunday night.

In a word: Gutsy.

End of an era:

Earlier this week I made a farewell trip through the depleted aisles of my longtime Dominick's store.

It was an absolute bummer.

Parting is such sweet sorrow:

Goodbye King Vitamin, goodbye Slo Pokes, goodbye Diet Shasta ... goodbye, Dominick's.

Rookie mistake:

Why oh why did Ravens' safety Matt Elam have to open his mouth? Doesn't he know it's never a good idea to provide Detroit's Calvin Johnson with any extra motivation?

But that's just what he did by referring to Megatron as "old."

I think I speak for all Bears fans when I say, thanks a lot, Matt.

The answer man:

Ask Russell Wilson if he wants to play second base for the Texas Rangers.

Go ahead, ask him.

Things that make you go hmm:

Arguably the two best Bears the past few weeks have been Josh McCown and Alshon Jeffery.

Never realized, though, how hard it is for some fans to pronounce their last names.

For example:

"Hey, I'll tell ya what, this McGowan is really something."


"Cutler's the starter and McNown is the backup, period."

McNown? Really?

Just call him Alshon:

So much better than "Jeffries."


Is there a coach who is smarter or dumber on a weekly basis than Marc Trestman?

Sadder to follow:

The Bulls in their current state or any news about the Cubs emanating from the winter meetings?

Pick a date:

When is Thibs gonna go all Lee Elia on us?

All the while:

The Blackhawks just keep rolling along.

If it weren't an Olympic year and there was an NHL All-Star Game, how many Hawks would be deserving of a nod?

Five? Six?

Cashing in on the Big Mo:

Hey, only 25 days til the BCS Championship game!


How fun is Auburn?

C'mon FCC:

Don't subject us to this:

"Dude, guess where I am? Yep, 35,000 feet over Fargo! Um, I don't know, I think it's Wyoming."


"Hold on, some guy with an enormous head is giving me a dirty look."

Final Monday night thought:

The Cowboys wanted to be out there about as much as I wanted to see the zillionth airing of those smarmy kids asking Santa for actual cars.

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