How does same-sex marriage work?

Updated 11/5/2013 7:06 PM

Same-sex marriage will become legal in Illinois once Gov. Pat Quinn signs it into law, which he says he will do. Here's how it would work:

When could same-sex couples start to get married?


June 1.

Would same-sex marriages from other states now be recognized in Illinois?


What happens to civil unions?

Civil unions would still be available to all couples regardless of sexual orientation.

What if a couple with a civil union wants to get married?

Couples that got civil unions, which were legalized in Illinois in 2011, can get marriage licenses without having to pay the standard fee. Or they can apply to the county clerk for a marriage certificate that would show them to be married as of the date they entered their civil union.

What if a same-sex couple wants to dissolve a civil union or get a divorce?

The couple would use the same procedures that different-sex spouses use to file for divorce. If married in Illinois but not currently living here, the couple could get a divorce in Illinois courts.

Sources: Illinois Religions Freedom Portection and Marriage Fairness Act, American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois Lambda Legal

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