Buffalo Grove strikes deal allowing smaller garbage bins

Updated 5/21/2013 6:30 PM

Bigger isn't always better, as a number of Buffalo Grove residents have pointed out when calling for smaller trash toters.

On Monday, village trustees responded to the call by authorizing revisions to the village's service agreement with waste hauler Waste Management that will allow residents to choose a 35-gallon refuse cart without paying a $2 monthly subscription fee.

As part of the deal, the agreement between the village and Waste Management is extended by another two years, until 2019.

Village Manager Dane Bragg said the revision is a direct response to concerns some residents raised about the size of the refuse toters.

The initial offering by Waste Management provided for a 64- or 96-gallon carts for refuse, along with a 35-gallon toter for recycling. But Bragg said there were complaints, especially from townhouse and condominium owners who were not able to fit the larger carts in their garages but had to comply with regulations to store them indoors.

Waste Management responded by offering 35-gallon trash toters for a $2 fee.

"In response to that, we have been working with Waste Management kind of day-to-day for a while to come to a resolution," Bragg said.

The deadline for applying directly to Waste Management to get the 35-gallon toters free is June 7. For applications later than June 7, but before next May, there will be a $25 fee for the switch. Each May, residents will have the option to switch without incurring a fee.

Trustee Steven Trilling said it is important for those ordering from Waste Management to get a reference number, so there is a paper trail.

Trustee Michael Terson thanked residents who were impacted for their patience and understanding.

Resident Katie Green thanked the board for taking the residents' concerns into consideration, but also said she would appreciate if attention could be paid to the appearance of the carts, which she often sees knocked over into the streets.

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