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posted: 5/19/2013 5:00 AM

A society grounded in Christianity has hope

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The culture of a society is in fact the religion of that society externalized. It may affect its art, music, food, etc., but it runs much deeper than these.

When multiculturalism is promoted it is the vehicle used to change a society from one culture to another. The United Stated is has been successful in converting us from a Christian culture to a humanistic one. The revolution has taken place and we live in a new culture: man and his laws dominate, God's law has been jettisoned.

As a result, respect for life has been diminished; millions of babies being "legally" murdered in the womb. Respect for property rights have been diminished -- government taking property from one citizen to give it to another who hasn't earned it. Biblical marriage is being supplanted with the introduction of normalcy for homosexual unions and marriage. In spite of the Constitution's guarantee of "free exercise of religion," Christianity and the Bible have for all intents and purposes been eliminated from the public square.

Everyone would benefit from a Christian culture. Not all would be Christians but there would be a Christian consensus. We were once such a Christian nation: one in which life, liberty and property were viewed as unalienable rights endowed by their creator to each citizen. Multiculturalism has led us down the path to an ungodly humanistic culture. There is no hope to solve our country's problems apart from a return to culture grounded on Jesus Christ and his word, the Bible.

Philip E. Bennett


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