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posted: 2/10/2013 5:00 AM

Too many dependent on government

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During the nasty campaign waged by President Obama, he and his deputies chastised Mitt Romney, a truly good and successful man, for not caring about the 47 percent. Obama has shown in his first four years and now again in his inaugural address he has total disdain for the 49 percent who didn't vote for him and are opposed to his ideology and agenda.

He is still campaigning every chance he gets; he has to as he doesn't have the intellect, temperament or negotiation skills to lead and govern. Every chance he gets he demonizes anyone opposed to him and his ideas. He doesn't want to work with others for the common good because he, like most liberal elites, thinks he knows what's best for all citizens. The 49 percent of us know big government policies are destroying the country.

Obama, by edict if necessary (think health care, welfare and immigration), and his policies are taking the heart and soul from the very people he is supposed to help by making them dependent on government. Some can't help themselves, no doubt, but many could if they only had a government that turned its citizens loose using low taxes and regulations to create an economy whereby they could get jobs and fend for themselves.

Unfortunately he will keep ridiculing the 49 percent and any others who stand in his way until the country has gone so far off the tried-and-true path to prosperity that the country will fail as there will be no more prosperity to tax and to give to those dependent on government. Has big government and Keynesian economics ever worked anywhere? No!

History will show Obama to be the most detrimental president of all time, a legacy he will truly have earned.

Jeff Gorden

Elk Grove Village

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