Spellman's Scorecard: Te'o a Bear? There are much bigger needs

  • In a photo provided by ESPN, Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o pauses during an interview with ESPN last week in Bradenton, Fla.

    In a photo provided by ESPN, Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o pauses during an interview with ESPN last week in Bradenton, Fla. Associated Press/ESPN Images, Ryan Jones

Updated 1/25/2013 6:10 AM

I know, I know, we're all sick of the Manti Te'o soap opera, but something has been gnawing at me recently and it involves a few "what ifs."

But, speculation and "what ifs" make the world go around, so let's go for it.


What if the Bears decide to part ways with Brian Urlacher?

And what if Te'o is available when the Bears pick at No. 20?

If Karl Malden were still around and mulling this scenario and somehow talking to Phil Emery, you know this is what he'd ask the Bears GM:

"What will you do? What. Will. You. Do?"

The correct answer?

I have no idea, but I still think O-line and tight end are higher priorities.

Hawks preying:

The most amazing thing about the Blackhawks' 3-0 start wasn't the play of Marian Hossa or anyone else, it was the fact that it had been 40 years since they started a season 3-0.

How is that possible?

Mr. Ricketts:

Tear down that grandstand.

Etched in sketch:

How good do those artist renderings of future Wrigley look?

Future Mike can't wait.

Be honest:

When this Rose-less season began, did you think there was any way in the world the Bulls would have two players selected to the All-Star Game?

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Neither did I.

But ... :

Poor Carlos Boozer. The guy is playing some good ball.

Total nitpick alert!

I remember as a kid watching TV shows and seeing actors constantly ending phone calls by just hanging up. No goodbyes, no nothing.

Now when I hear all these coaches and team officials ending phone interviews with "Go (team name)!" instead of a simple goodbye, I almost long for the good old days of rude hang-ups.

Told ya' I was nitpicking.


When it comes to selecting concert acts, who is more cutting edge, the Cubs or the Super Bowl halftime entertainment committee?

I'm not even sure there is a Super Bowl halftime entertainment committee, but you get my drift.

Fun with numbers:

According to Kathy Ensor of the American Statistical Association (ASA), the odds of brothers coaching against each other in the Super Bowl are 1 in 255 when the brothers are head coaches in different conferences.


Fun with prop bets:

And my favorite thus far from RJ Bell of pregame.com is this one:

Will both Harbaugh brothers be wearing hats? Yes has a 90 percent chance.


Which Super Bowl story line will wear us down first: Ray Lewis or the Harbaugh brothers?

The guess here is Ray Lewis.

Remember that one time:

Five years ago, the coaching ranks in Chicago included the likes of Ozzie, Savvy, Vinny and Lou.

The Wacky-O-Meter is way down these days, and that's probably a good thing.

Amazing stat:

New Jersey goalie Martin Brodeur recently registered the 120th shutout of his career.

By my calculations, that's a lot.

Too much to process:

Lance, Te'o, Sammy, Bill Callahan … what a weird, weird week.

But for my money, nothing was weirder than that Bulgarian politician having a guy rush him onstage, point a gun at his head and then … click, the gun malfunctions.

That politician one lucky dude.

One thing leads to another:

Now that the NBA will be returning to Seattle can the NHL be far behind?

Don Levin … hello.

And finally:

Enjoy the Pro Bowl!


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