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posted: 1/20/2013 5:00 AM

Leave state retirees' health benefit alone

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Leave state retirees' health benefit alone

As a taxpayer, I am naturally concerned about paying my fair share; however, it still appears many people still do not understand the state's pension problem. This funding problem didn't just start yesterday -- it started five governors back! The governor and the legislators are the cause of our problems today.

Speaker Michael Madigan is the main problem. He's been in office for over 30 years. No politician should be in office that long.

Teachers and state employees have always paid into the fund what was agreed upon by the law during their employment. It's the legislators who misappropriated their obligations elsewhere. Now what are retirees supposed to do? It's a no-win situation for them.

You may cut the COLAs, but leave their health insurance alone. If the legislators decide to change the laws governing newly hired state employees, that's OK with the retirees. At least the new hires will know what they are receiving from the start. We used to call that honesty. Do the legislators remember that they were elected to represent all the people?

Robert Fisher

Mount Prospect

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