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updated: 12/28/2012 10:07 AM

Spellman's Scorecard: The lists just keep on coming

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  • Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano, one of the very good for 2012.

    Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano, one of the very good for 2012.
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The New Year is always a time when everyone and their brother publishes lists, lists and more lists.

Fortunately, I like lists.

So, I'm going to sprinkle in a few lists here but not delve into all the negative that 2012 has provided -- both in sports and in real life. Let's keep it a little upbeat, OK?

But before we go on ... :

A little quiz on the year that was just to test your midterm memory:

1. Who were the 2011-12 Stanley Cup champions?

2. Who won the British Open?

3. Who is the reigning NFL MVP?

4. Who won the Daytona 500?

(Answers later.)

2012: The very good:

•Chuck Pagano

•Adrian Peterson

•Oscar Pistorius

•I'll Have Another

Things I'd like to see in 2013:

•A repeat of last season by Alfonso Soriano.

•More of those iPad music-centric commercials.

•Phil Emery summoning his inner Jim Finks and drafting nothing but O-linemen.

•One of those local police departments actually cracking a case on "Criminal Minds."

2012: The very good (locally):

•Northern Illinois football

•Brandon Marshall

•The Ryder Cup

•Alex Rios

•Anthony Rizzo

Big sandwich day:

Bears-Lions followed by Packers-Vikings followed by Cowboys-Redskins … in the words of Homer Simpson, "Bye-bye belt!"


Suddenly the Bears have become awfully yappy.

What's up with that?

Sunday could literally be a slugfest.

Enough is enough:

The NHL lockout just passed the 100-day mark, and the two sides haven't met in more than a week.

Time to send in John McDonough and get this thing settled.

Ready to be bowled over:

New Year's Day is going to be something with NU playing in the morning and NIU in the evening.

A big day that would've been even bigger with the Winter Classic live from the Big House sandwiched in between.

A guy can dream, right?

Things I know I'll see and hear in 2013 (whether I want to or not):

•More adventures of angry toothbrush guy and his family.

•The phrase "The total package."

•The never-ending Victory Auto Wreckers commercial. I don't remember a year in my life without it.

41 and counting:

I've said it before and I'll say it again: How great is it to see Bob Frisk's byline back in the Daily Herald?

Good luck:

To Hawthorne GM Jim Miller, who begins a new career in horse racing beginning in January.

There's no doubt he'll do well.

Interested in seeing in 2013:

Attendance at the Cubs Convention now that they're neither cuddly nor borderline competitive.

Quiz answers:

1. L.A. Kings. 2. Ernie Els. 3. Aaron Rodgers. 4. Matt Kenseth.

A final wish for 2013:

That you have a healthy, happy and safe New Year!

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