Term limits, tort reform needed now

Posted12/9/2012 4:44 AM

Term limits, tort reform needed now

I would like to add to Paul Bischoff's Dec. 2 post regarding term limits. His example of FDR's attempt to become a de-facto king is an excellent example of the kind of megalomania you find in Congress.

Two terms for a president has shown to be just right. A president's second term tends to be not as effective as the first. Shouldn't we also have term limits for our Congress? Is it right to have people serving in Congress longer than 40 years?

Is it right for these people to hog that office and not allow the younger generations to have their turn? They are quick to saddle the young with all the debt; however, they deny them any control over the debt that they have been piling up. Do you think those that we have in Congress are our best and brightest? Really?

Term limits and tort reform is necessary and needed now.

D.O. Lipensky


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