Delegate diary: Roselle woman a part of history

Updated 8/30/2012 6:03 AM
  • Maria Piraino

    Maria Piraino

Name: Marie Piraino, alternate delegate

Hometown: Roselle

Q. What's it like being on the convention floor?

A. I really got emotional about it. I am so thankful to state Treasurer Dan Rutherford for giving the alternate delegates a chance to be on the floor with the delegates.

It is going to be such a wonderful memory to tell my children and grandchildren about. You are just so close. You're a part of history. There were tears in my eyes.

Q. Are you journaling?

A. Oh yes. I've been writing down a little bit every night.

Q. The convention runs late. Have you been going to the parties afterward?

A. I've been going and eating my way through them, trying a little bit of everything. And my pants are getting a little bit tight. But it's worth it.

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