The game had it all: Madonna, vampires ... even football!

Updated 2/5/2012 11:16 PM

Just Super: Gladiators, monkeys, marching bands, underpants, polar bears, Madonna, vampires, a weird dude on a tightrope and, oh yeah, the Giants beat the Patriots in a thriller.

Man, oh, man: Manning manages to hit Manningham and now there's mania in Manhattan.

Admit it: You thought Tom Brady was going to pull it out at the end, didn't you?

Close, but no cigar, and for that Ahmad Bradshaw will be forever grateful.

Now a word for our sponsors: Not all of you, but you know who you are -- you paid $3.5 million for that?

Cars, dogs, Ditka: OK, not Ditka, but most of the good ads featured cars, trucks and cute dogs except for the Doritos ad with that sinister dog. Ick.

No chance: Tom Brady's intentional grounding on the Pats' first play led to intentional groaning from everyone who had decent numbers in their squares pools.

Just curious: Wonder how parents explained to their kids exactly what those monkeys packed in that guy's suitcase?

Clint Eastwood: Frightens me.

Sensory overload at the half: Maybe, but, man, you have to give Madonna credit; the woman puts on heckuva show.

Best part: No fake crowd ringing the stage, and some absolutely breathtaking choreography.

Worst part: Obvious lip-syncing and the obligatory "new song," which no one over 36 has ever heard before.

Remember that time: About 20 years ago when the very mention of "Like a Prayer" would cause an absolute uproar? Now Madonna closes out her halftime show with it at the Super Bowl with a billion people watching worldwide.

Just plain creepy: If that two-headed dude buying a new car doesn't induce nightmares, nothing will.

Don't forget: After this column, stay tuned for the season premiere of "The Voice."

Wait. What?

BTW: Enjoy your Monday! See? Wouldn't it be better if they played the Super Bowl on Saturday?

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