Poll Vault: How much of your holiday shopping do you have done?

  • It's not too early for holiday shopping, is it?

    It's not too early for holiday shopping, is it?

Updated 11/18/2011 5:23 AM

Don't hate me for having 95 percent of my holiday shopping finished. You can hate me a little for having more than half of it wrapped already. Yes, I'm one of those people.

I shop year-round, stockpiling items for December, and kick it into high gear before Halloween. By the time Black Friday rolls around, I usually have nothing left to buy. (Except last year, when my husband and I were at Sears before the sun came up in search of a washer and dryer for our new house. This year, we're sleeping in.)


I've found some great sales, and I patronize stores that offer coupons for even more savings.

So what kind of shopper are you?

Do you wait in line for stores to open the morning after Thanksgiving or do you make a mad dash through the mall the week before Christmas?

Do you favor particular stores or do the bulk of your shopping online?

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