Drozdz family plea

Updated 9/1/2011 12:15 PM

"It was nearly six weeks ago today, on the night of Friday July 22, 2011, that our lives were shattered and changed forever in the worst possible way.

That fateful evening was when we received the devastating news our beloved daughter and sister Gabriella "Gabby" Drozdz was killed. There are simply no words that can express our pain, and our loss and how desperately we miss the baby of our family.


However, there are words that we would like to direct toward the person who killed Gabby.

Right after you took Gabby's young life, we wanted to believe that this was truly a tragic accident. We held on to that thought, even though we could not possibly comprehend what kind of a person would hit a human being with their car and without conscience just drive away.

But hours, days and weeks have passed since then, and you still do not come forward to take responsibility for your actions. You not only ended the promising life of a beautiful and beloved 18-year old girl, you broke the hearts and lives of her family, friends and of her community.

Imagine what your mother or father, your brother or your sister, or anyone that loves you, would feel like if someone left you to die like that.

Since you choose not to come forward, we must now appeal to those around you, who know you well -- or maybe don't know you at all.

Are you a family member, or a friend of the person who committed this horrible crime and is helping to hide their deadly secret? Possibly you are their employer. You may or may not know what this person has done, but you remember just after our Gabby was killed on the night of Friday July 22, your employee was without transportation, missed work, or something about their personality changed around that time.

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If you don't fit into either one of those categories, you may know someone who owns an older model GMC Safari or Cheverolet Astro Van with the license plate mounted on the rear hatch.

Maybe this person lives down the street from you, maybe you have seen this vehicle in the lot you park in at work; maybe you've passed this vehicle while driving to the grocery store.

Did someone you know own this type of vehicle and within the last six weeks get rid of it?

From the bottom of our hearts, we plead to those who have any information that will help bring justice for Gabby and hold this killer accountable.

If this was your daughter or sister, or any person that you love, would you not want us to do the same for your loved one?

Our family is working with Lake County Crime Stoppers, and you can provide vital information to catch the person who did this-anonymously. A $5,000 reward is currently being offered for information leading to the arrest of this person who forever has broken our hearts.


To respect and honor Gabby's beautiful, but short life, we have a moral obligation to give her peace by and through justice.

We ask you from the bottom of our hearts to please help us do that."


Gabby's Family

Teresa & Jan Drozdz, Ilona Gregory, Scott Grzelak, and Chris Drozdz