Aurora cops hope mother's car leads to missing boy

Updated 6/1/2011 3:38 PM

Aurora police are processing Amy Fry-Pitzen's SUV for a second time, hoping evidence in the vehicle may lead to information about her 6-year-old son Timmothy, who has been missing since May 13.

Rockford and Aurora police originally processed the vehicle after it was found May 14 in the parking lot of a motel where Fry-Pitzen committed suicide. Timmothy was not with Fry-Pitzen when she checked into the motel, according to police, and a note found near her body said she left the boy with people she did not name.


When authorities found the 2004 Ford Expedition, it was "visibly dirty" with plants that appeared similar to tall grass or weeds underneath, according to an Aurora police news release. Police are taking samples of the plants and dirt for analysis by geologists and other experts.

If the plants or dirt are unique to certain areas near Dixon, Rock Falls or Sterling -- the last general location it can be proved Fry-Pitzen and Timmothy were together -- police say they will target those areas for further investigation. No additional searches are planned, pending results of tests on the materials.

Other strategies used to search for Timmothy or information about his whereabouts have come up empty, authorities said Wednesday.

An investigation of files on three of Fry-Pitzen's computers; a concentrated search May 19 near Dixon, Rock Falls and Sterling; an air search conducted May 20 between Rockford and the Dixon, Rock Falls and Sterling area; and other ongoing efforts all failed to "cultivate any solid leads in Timmothy's disappearance," according to Aurora police.

Several items Fry-Pitzen bought for Timmothy before he went missing also have not been found. Police are asking land owners near Sterling and visitors to the area to look out for the belongings including a cellphone, an I-PASS device, a Spider-Man backpack, a tube of kids Crest toothpaste, a clear plastic craft case, a blue Hot Wheels starter set, an aquatic rig toy truck and pretend gold coins decorated with animals.

Anyone who may have found these items, or has any information about the case, is asked to call Aurora police at (630) 256-5500 or local law enforcement at 911.