Rose doesn't recall saying NBA has steroid issue

  • Miami's LeBron James (6) and Joel Anthony (50) stop Derrick Rose's drive to the basket during the first half Sunday.

    Miami's LeBron James (6) and Joel Anthony (50) stop Derrick Rose's drive to the basket during the first half Sunday. Associated Press

  • Miami's LeBron James backs down Luol Deng during Game 3 Sunday in Miami.

    Miami's LeBron James backs down Luol Deng during Game 3 Sunday in Miami. Associated Press

Updated 5/23/2011 12:04 AM

MIAMI -- Derrick Rose said he doesn't remember commenting on whether or not the NBA has a problem with performance-enhancing drugs.

But he was quoted in a recent issue of ESPN Magazine. It has been out for a couple weeks and didn't seem worthy of comment, but Rose released a statement about it on Sunday afternoon.


"Regarding the quote attributed to me in ESPN The Magazine, I do not recall making the statement nor do I recall the question being asked," the statement read. "If that was my response to any question, I clearly misunderstood what was asked of me. But, let me be clear, I do not believe there is a performance-enhancing drug problem in the NBA."

Rose's comment wasn't part of a larger story and was not attributed to any writer. According to, Rose was one of several professional athletes asked this question: "If 1 equals 'What are PEDs (Performance Enhancing Drugs)'? and 10 equals 'Everybody's Juicing' ... How big of an issue is illegal enhancing in your sport?"

In response, Rose said, "Seven. It's huge, and I think we need a level playing field, where nobody has that advantage over the next person."

Rose addressed the topic in the locker room before Sunday's game in Miami and said he didn't remember even being asked the question.

"I really forgot, but I know I didn't say anything like that," Rose said. "I guess (the questioner) misunderstood what I said at the time or whenever it was. I don't remember saying that.

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"I definitely wouldn't say that. We get tested four times. There's definitely not a drug problem in the NBA."

Rose didn't think the topic would become a distraction and coach Tom Thibodeau agreed.

"To me, it's a non-issue," Thibodeau said.

Haslem a hero:

Miami's Udonis Haslem drew huge ovations from the home crowd Sunday, starting with a quick appearance on the scoreboard during the national anthem.

Haslem suffered a foot injury on Nov. 20 and made just two brief playoff appearances before scoring 13 points in Game 2 at the United Center.

"Five weeks ago, doctors tempered my expectations, telling me that it probably wouldn't happen this season," Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said of a Haslem comeback. "We'll see how it goes (in Game 3)."

Haslem didn't have the same magic in Game 3. During eight minutes of action in the first half, he didn't collect a point or rebound.

Bulls lose on boards:


Miami used a relatively small lineup in Game 2, but still managed to win the rebound battle for the first time in five games against the Bulls this season.

"They're very quick to the ball," Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau said. "I think you can't overlook the size of LeBron (James). He's big. He's like a power forward. I thought their smalls rebounded the ball extremely well. LeBron, Dwyane Wade, Mike Miller -- they were on the board. They were in that fight."

James led the Heat in Game 2 with 10 rebounds. In the first half of Game 3, the Bulls built a slim 20-19 edge on the boards.

No need for curfew:

Coach Tom Thibodeau wasn't concerned about the Bulls hitting the South Beach nightspots during this trip. Derrick Rose agreed.

"Yesterday, the guys were just around the pool," Rose said. "I know some of them went to go eat. My family's here, so I was with my family all day around the pool until like 10 o'clock."

Rose does enjoy the overall experience of playing in Miami.

"Love it. The arena is going to be fine. Of course, the weather is fine," he said. "The atmosphere is going to be crazy. This is something you're not going to forget."


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