Cavs fans all aboard Bulls bandwagon

Updated 5/16/2011 8:32 PM

Cleveland rocks! for the Bulls that is.

Even after all the heartache Michael Jordan wreaked on the Cavaliers and the city of Cleveland during his reign of greatness, it's nothing compared to the anger left in the wake of LeBron James' "Decision" to bolt for Miami last summer.


A look at some of the comments left by Cavaliers fans on the Cleveland Plain Dealer's website immediately after Game 1 shows that when it comes to the King, the King is no more and it's the Bulls who are rocking Cleveland now.

Here's a sample:

Hate turns to love

"I am becoming a Chicago Bulls fan. It's amazing how you can absolutely HATE a team all these years and now absolutely adore them."

• • •

"I wonder what the excuse will be this year, sunburn perhaps?"

• • •

"I never liked Chicago ... but I'm loving them tonight! Go Bulls!"

• • •

"Go Chicago. No ring for Le Quitter!!!!"

• • •

"Never rooted for Chicago in my life before but go Chicago. Take the Heat down! . You made a lot of people in Cleveland happy!!"

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• • •

"I still hate Jordan for everything he did to our Cavs .. but I respect the (heck) out of Jordan looking back and comparing his competitiveness to LeQuit's. There is NO comparison."

Mood in Miami

"The Heat can make up for great defense. The Heat can adjust to active rebounders.

The Heat can't account for the indefensible. Not when its own two unstoppable forces aren't matching it.

Beating the Celtics was nice. Beating the Bulls is a whole different monster.

A monster named Rose."

-- Israel Gutierrez, Miami Herald

"The Bulls didn't do anything special in their 103-82 victory -- they did exactly what the scouting report said they would. They rebounded and played defense. The Heat reacted to it not like the surging favorites they had been tagged following their five-game takedown of the Boston Celtics in the previous round, but instead like the junior varsity."

Brian Windhorst,

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is the first time in my correct calling of playoff series where I actually have changed my mind after just 1 game."

-- Stephen A. Smith, via Twitter


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