Northwest suburban scholarship winners names

Submitted by National Merit Scholarship Program
Updated 5/4/2011 11:26 AM

Local winners of $2,500 National Merit Scholarships were announced this week, along with town of residence, likely career if known and high school attended. This was the second of four announcements of winners and included 2,500 of the 7,800 names to be announced.

• Claire H. Brady, Arlington Heights, medicine, Rolling Meadows High School


• Peter Cleary, Arlington Heights, medicine; Robert D. Moynihan, both of St. Viator High School

• Andrew T. Foley, Barrington, business; Jeffrey D. Varwig, Barrington: Thomas Yu, Schaumburg, accounting, all at Barrington High School

• Eilrayna Gelyana, Buffalo Grove, medicine; Brian H. Kim, Long Grove, political science; Jenny J. Yan, Buffalo Grove, medicine; Alexander You, Buffalo Grove, statistics/economics; all of Stevenson High School

• Megan S. Kennedy, Palatine, medicine; Alwina R. Liu, Hoffman Estates, education, both of Fremd High School

• Megan E. Lindgren, Schaumburg, economics, Conant High School

• Kathryn R. Pantell, Mount Prospect, Mount Prospect, education (mathematics), Willows Academy

• Christine L. Rovani, Mount Prospect, chemical engineering, Hersey High School

• Neel N. Thakkar, Mount Prospect, journalism, Prospect High School