Bulls in awe of support they're getting on the road

Updated 3/26/2011 10:59 PM

MILWAUKEE -- The Bulls held a ridiculous road-court advantage on Saturday at the sold-out Bradley Center.

Bulls fans were probably louder the whole night. But when the visitors finished the game on a 12-0 run and Milwaukee fans headed toward the exits in the final seconds, it felt as though the building was 100 percent behind the Bulls and the road fans might swarm the court in celebration.


"They've been unbelievable," Joakim Noah said. "The love we've been getting on the road lately, I don't know what it is, but it really makes you feel like the 'People's Champ' team. It's just been incredible."

Added Ronnie Brewer, "You heard it out there, it was just like playing at the (United Center). I think they could have pushed us over the hump. They kept us in the game, kept us driving to cut the lead. Once we got it, we kept it and the fans let us know. Every arena we go to, you see at the end of the game there's a lot of Bulls support."

Last time for everything:

Before the game, Milwaukee coach Scott Skiles was asked how the Bucks held Derrick Rose relatively in check during the first three games of the series. Rose averaged 18.7 points and 8.7 assists against Milwaukee, but he shot just 36.5 percent from the field.

"We just try to get extra bodies to his side of the floor," Skiles said. "We'd like to make him a passer. He's become a 25-point per game scorer. We'd like to make him dribble it. We'd like to make him change direction, not straight-line driving us, and make him kick the ball out and try to get out to guys."

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Teammates reunited:

Bulls reserve Brian Scalabrine talked about the sideline interaction with Memphis guard Tony Allen on Friday that resulted in Allen getting a technical foul.

"T.A. played a tremendous game," Scalabrine said. "Sometimes having guys get (technicals) keeps your team on edge. I don't mind if it's the right time or moment. Him getting that 'T' maybe could have motivated his guys, maybe it could have motivated us."

Allen is a Chicago native but probably isn't well-known by Bulls fans. Scalabrine found Allen to be an excellent teammate in Boston.

"Great guy. I have nothing but good things to say about him," Scalabrine said. "I think he's a great teammate and I'd give him just as much credit as I'd give Rajon (Rondo), (Kevin Garnett), (Kendrick Perkins), Ray (Allen), Paul (Pierce) -- he was just as responsible as any of those guys for getting us where we were at last year. You have to live with the bad things he does, because he does so many great things when he's out there."

Rotation issues:

Bucks shooting guard Michael Redd was active Saturday and was ready to play against the Bulls, but he stayed on the bench. Redd has been out with a knee injury since Jan. 10, 2010.

Meanwhile, Chicago-area native Corey Maggette has played just two minutes in the last five games for Milwaukee, including none on Saturday.


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