Oney Guillen talks tweets on radio

Updated 12/29/2010 10:06 PM

Oney Guillen appeared on the Score (WSCR 670-AM) on Wednesday with Daily Herald columnist Barry Rozner and Dan Bernstein to discuss his scathing tweets aimed at former White Sox closer Bobby Jenks.

Here are some of the highlights:


Q. Why did you do it?

A. "I saw that he took a couple personal attacks at the manager (Oney's father Ozzie), and the team for that matter, and I felt that was very ... disrespectful and very (dis)loyal of him to do that to a team that really, really stood behind this guy."

Q. Why were your tweets so personal?

A. "I guess in hindsight, maybe I should have stepped away from the laptop because I was a little heated. I wish I wouldn't have said that but I did. I stand behind what I said."

Q. Do you think the tweets are going to hurt your dad?

A. "The only thing that was mentioned that can be considered critical was when I said (Jenks cried in) the manager's office."

Q. Why mention that part?

A. "That happened almost five years ago. You can't really base something off one incident. I grew in the clubhouse ... if the people think that's the only incident that happened in 24 years and that's the only thing I said, I'll take it … I just felt he needed to be put in his place."

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Q. Why even bother tweeting?

A. "I guess it was more of a ... I guess if your dad's company or your dad's personally being attacked ... my opinion is my opinion."

Q. What about future Sox players being wary of telling Ozzie things?

A. "You can't base it off one thing that was said. There are millions of things that happen that haven't ended up on his kid's twitter account. You can't say that off one incident, one minor incident. That's just blowing things way out of proportion."

Q. Do you think your tweets hurt your dad?

A. "I guess everyone's entitled to their own opinion. I really don't think ... whatever I say doesn't affect the on-field performance and wins and losses."

Q. Don't you think your tweets damaged your dad?

A. "That's your opinion. You don't know if any damage was done to my dad or to the team. I was just standing up for what I believe in. In hindsight maybe I shouldn't have said a couple of things, but I did. It's written in ink, not in pencil. It's there."


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