Other contested Lake County races

Updated 11/1/2010 5:54 PM

Lake County voters will have many choices Tuesday. The following is a list of some of candidates and issues on ballots throughout the county.

State Representative:


District 51: Incumbent Ed Sullivan Jr. (Republican)

and Democrat Steve Riess

District 53: Incumbent Sidney H. Mathias (Republican) and Democrat Linda Birnbaum

District 58: Incumbent Karen May (Democrat) and Republican Lauren G. Turelli

District 61: Incumbent JoAnn D. Osmond (Republican) and Democrat Scott Pollak

District 62: Incumbent Sandy Cole (Republican) and Democrat Rich Voltair.

Lake County Clerk

Incumbent Willard R. Helander (Republican) and Democrat Laura Tomsky

Lake County Sheriff

Incumbent Mark C. Curran Jr., (Republican) and Democrat Douglas R. Roberts

Regional Superintendent of Schools

Incumbent Roycealee J. Wood (Republican) and Democrat Dan McDermott

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Lake County Board

District 4: Incumbent Brent C. Paxton (Republican) and Democrat Beverly Ann Mull.

District 8: Kevin Gartley (Green); Bill Durkin (Democrat); Keith Turner (Independent)

District 15

Incumbent Carol Calabresa (Republican); Democrat Delfino 'Del' Parra; and David M. Serdar (Green).

District 19

Incumbent Craig W. Taylor (Republican) and Democrat Roberta Potempa

District 23

Incumbent Anne Flanigan Bassi (Democrat) and Republican Carlton R. 'Carl' Marcyan


Village of Deer Park: Increase sales tax

Village of Lake Zurich: Increase sales tax

19th Circuit judicial subcircuits

4th Subcircuit: Republican Wallace B. Dunn and Democrat Mark L. Levitt

5th Subcircuit: Republican Diane E. Winter and Democrat Timothy M. Howe

6th Subcircuit: Republican Jorge L. Ortiz and Democrat Michael J. Perillo Jr.