Civilians, emergency personnel work together to save life in Hoffman Estates

Updated 10/7/2010 11:47 AM

"We wouldn't be here unless the patient survived, Hoffman Estates Fire Chief Robert Gorvett said on Monday in front of the village board.

Gorvett recognized Nick Chapas and Bonnie Sargent, both employed at the Schaumburg Township offices in Hoffman Estates off Schaumburg Road. Their quick thinking in administering CPR saved a life.


While working outside the offices around 8:20 a.m. on June 14, they saw their co-worker, Chuck Perse, feeling ill. Perse, 72, a retired Chicago police officer, went down to the ground. He laid motionless, not breathing and without a pulse.

Without a defibrillator nearby, Chapas and Sargent gave Perse CPR and waited until paramedics arrived. Paramedics gave Perse advanced life-support measures and drove him via ambulance to St. Alexius Medical Center. He attended Monday's meeting and is healthy.

"We're very happy he can be here today, Gorvett said.

Perse replied: "I'm very happy too, thank you.

Lt. Michael Hartman and firefighters Steve Kulovsek, Alan O'Brien and Rich Trentacoste were on the call and at village hall on Monday. Capt. Scott Sutschek and firefighters Paul Pacific and Rich Trentacoste were also on the call but unable to attend on Monday.

"This was a great team effort, Gorvett said. "The citizens and firefighters did an outstanding job with a great outcome.