Look beyond the major parties

Updated 2/8/2011 3:20 PM

In my whole life I have always voted for the person and the platform, certainly not just the party. In recent years, however, I haven't been pleased with many of our elected officials and particularly not the actions of the Republican and Democratic parties.

The Sept. 4 article by Associated Press writer Christopher Wills, "Green Party candidate seeks win, not growth," piqued my interest a great deal. I would be more than willing to "waste my vote" for a third-party candidate, and so would many of my friends, if I knew more about the candidate and what his platform would be.


I'm not interested in mudslinging campaigns by the major parties, but I would like to know what Rich Whitney can offer in the way of solutions to the financial problems in Illinois. I know the Green Party doesn't have a lot of money to work with (and that issue deserves a separate letter), but if some interested newspaper, like maybe the Daily Herald, would interview him and give us all a little more information, it might help us make some decisions.

This is a very important election. I hope the voter turnout will be a good one.

Shirley DeWeese

Hoffman Estates