A staple of the Mount Prospect restaurant scene for more than 40 years is closing.

Kampai Japanese Steak House's Facebook page late Friday announced the business' closure. The eatery is at 2330 S. Elmhurst Road, where it has been for 44 years.

"Between the construction of the roads and the way they changed the entrance and exiting, it has hurt our business," the post stated. "So, with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes I am letting you know that the owner will be filing bankruptcy and the fate of Kampai is unknown."

In 2013, the head chef and manager, Inseok Suh, and his wife, Gu Lim Kim, took over ownership of the restaurant.

In mid-October, the restaurant abruptly closed, citing equipment failure. Friday's announcement caught many customers by surprise. More than 600 people have commented on the post.