O'Toole's of Libertyville restaurant has opened its newly-enclosed, state-of-the-art four seasons patio that will be open year-round.

"The patio renovation means a great deal to our customers, and they already have told us so," said Sara McKinnon, owner of O'Toole's of Libertyville. "The very fun and inviting outdoor atmosphere lets them feel more connected to the very active downtown Libertyville scene."

The "four seasons" patio renovation has added 18 seats for a total of 67. New speakers and energy efficient LED lighting are other features.

Pets are welcome as well to the new heated space.

O'Toole's of Libertyville installed a series of infrared propane heaters throughout the patio ceiling to keep the area warm in the winter months. Retractable shades were put in the front of the patio that keep the sun out in the late afternoon, and also help insulate the patio during the winter months.

Flowers and various décor items were also added to liven up the four seasons patio and give it a very nice summertime feel, McKinnon said.

The patio project included removing a sizable tree and planter area that was located in the northwest corner of the patio. New pavers were put down, increasing seating by 36 percent.

Mechanical louvers were installed on top of the structure in six independently-controlled sections which can be moved to either let sunlight in, or to cast some shade on the patio area. The louvers also keep out the elements when they are fully closed, and are hooked into a drainage system that runs rainwater and snow off the patio roof into the sewer system.

O'Toole's of Libertyville opened June 9, 2015, at 412 N. Milwaukee Avenue, in Libertyville.

It joins several other locations.

Timothy O'Toole's Pub Lake Villa, the fourth Timothy O'Toole's Pub Group location, opened May 2, 2018. Located at 10 W. Grand Avenue on the site of the former Blackthorn Grille, the family-oriented pub covers 5,000 square feet with outdoor dining, and seats 200 customers.

In 2009, the second Timothy O'Toole's Pub opened at 5572 Grand Ave., Gurnee. It features 36 HD flat screens showing all major sporting events and 38 beers on tap.

The first Timothy O'Toole's Pub was founded 26 years ago just steps from the Magnificent Mile and Navy Pier. Timothy O'Toole's Chicago is considered a sports fan's haven with a subterranean bar offering 70+ HD flat screens showing all major sporting events, including PPV boxing.