In the summer of 1939, my brother Joe, age 16, and me, age 15, took public transportation from Belmont-Central, Chicago, to Montgomery Ward & Co. at Chicago Avenue and Larabee Street. We went there to buy shotguns and ammunition to be used in the upcoming duck hunting season.

Joe chose a 16-gauge single-barrel gun, and I chose a 20-gauge single-barrel gun. We then each purchased a box of 25 shotgun shells, nitro-express #6 shot.

We paid the clerk cash for our guns and ammunition and returned home on public transportation with our guns and ammunition -- no questions asked. Our parents gave us permission to do this, plus we had to purchase a federal duck stamp in order to hunt migratory waterfowl. This duck stamp was added to our hunting licenses.

We had a great time on opening day of duck hunting on Grass and Loon Lake. Good memories.

James P. Hahn

Arlington Heights

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