State House Speaker Mike Madigan on Tuesday delivered some strong words to Democratic House members, warning them that if he hears of any sexual harassment complaints against them "I will personally get involved to put an end to it."

But the woman who put the powerful Southwest Side Democrat under the microscope with allegations that she was sexually harassed by a member his political organization was not impressed, saying Madigan sounds more worried about his own political neck than the safety of women.

"Speaker Madigan now says he is committed to getting 'personally involved' in preventing sexual harassment," political consultant Alaina Hampton said in response. "That may prove to be a step forward -- but today, it rings hollow. The Speaker had three months to get 'personally involved' in my case, but took no action until he knew the story was about to come out."

The latest chapter in Madigan's ongoing political crisis came after Madigan issued yet another statement on the problem, this time warning elected House Democrats that staffers consider them bosses -- creating a "dynamic" that is "ripe for potential harassment."

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