Palatine's far north side is where Starbucks will open a drive-through-only concept that's rare in the Chicago area.

Construction is nearing completion for the 800-square-foot Starbucks off Lake-Cook Road, just east of Rand Road. A Starbucks spokesperson said the store should open in the spring.

Drivers on eastbound Lake-Cook with a caffeine urge will find a right-turn lane leading to the menu board. A right-turn lane just beyond the pickup window will take patrons back onto eastbound Lake-Cook Road, about a half mile from Route 53.

Starbucks launched the drive-through-only concept in late 2013, featuring buildings 1,000 square feet or less. The concept has gradually rolled out, with Palatine joining the little Starbucks at 201 W. Roosevelt Road in Lombard in the Chicago-area market.

Starbucks' drive-through-only store is expected to open this spring on Palatine's far north side. The building, still under construction, is off Lake-Cook Road, just east of Rand Road. Bob Susnjara | Staff Photographer

Palatine's director of building and zoning, Ben Vyverberg, said the Starbucks is on one of two lots set aside for other commercial uses on Grossinger Hyundai's land. Village records from 2015 show a Dunkin' Donuts originally was pegged for the area where Starbucks will open in a special taxing zone meant to spur redevelopment.

Mayor Jim Schwantz noted the heavy traffic that'll pass the Starbucks. Lake-Cook slightly east of Rand receives about 42,400 vehicle trips daily, according to the Illinois Department of Transportation.

"When it's all said and done, anything you can do to help increase the productivity of that property or that site is a good thing," Schwantz said.

Palatine's far north side is where Starbucks will open a drive-through-only location. The building is off Lake-Cook Road just east of Rand Road. Lake-Cook is in the background. Bob Susnjara | Staff Photographer

Starbucks projects about 12 employees for the drive-through-only store in Palatine, which will have no public access.

Company officials declined to say how many miniature Starbucks have been built in the United States, but said it's an effort to provide more access and convenience for customers on sites where a traditional store cannot be opened. The small Starbucks typically have been made from shipping containers or prefabricated materials.

One of Starbucks' smaller stores strictly for drive-through service is in Salt Lake City, Utah. That Starbucks covers 386 square feet.