Eleven precincts in the Northwest suburbs of Cook County will change polling places for the March 20 primary election.

About 1,000 polling places serve the 1,599 precincts of suburban Cook County, according to Cook County Clerk David Orr's office.

While many are public buildings, they can sometimes change for reasons such as safety issues, construction projects or space constraints.

The clerk's office intends to send notification postcards to all households affected by this year's changes.

Among the new locations:

• Elk Grove precincts 28 and 40 are moving from a Holiday Inn to Clearbrook, 1835 W. Central Road in Arlington Heights.

• Maine Precinct 65 is moving from Oakton Rink to the Maine Park Leisure Center, 2701 W. Sibley St. in Park Ridge.

• Schaumburg Precinct 72 is moving from Dunbar Lakes Condominiums to Fairview School, 375 Arizona Blvd. in Hoffman Estates.

• Schaumburg Precinct 78 is moving from Wildberry Condominium Association to Salem Community Church, 10 S. Walnut Lane in Schaumburg.

• Wheeling Precinct 1 is moving from Wheeling Towers to Chamber Park, 213 N. Wolf Road in Wheeling.

• Wheeling precincts 5, 31 and 69 are moving from First Presbyterian Church to the Olympic Indoor Swim Center, 660 N. Ridge Ave. in Arlington Heights.

• Wheeling Precinct 18 is moving from Friedrichs Funeral Home to Mount Prospect village hall, 50 S. Emerson in Mount Prospect.

• Wheeling Precinct 46 is moving from First Methodist Church of Arlington Heights to Windsor School, 1315 E. Miner St. in Arlington Heights.