Seventeen more young people murdered by a person with an automatic rifle, and several more wounded. Ho-hum. The Second Amendment gives us the right to bear arms. When this amendment was written there were no automatic rifles.

These rifles were developed for one purpose -- killing people. The same representatives who say this are also making day-to-day decisions that affect our lives. That enough to scare you yet?

What scares me is that we don"t have enough congressmen with the guts to step up and be men and women. They should be so proud.

Do what you know is right, not what the NRS pays you to say. You make me sick.

You might want to go to a local high school and teach a civics class and explain to the kids that you would rather risk their lives than lose your next election.

Here is a solution if you have the nerve: Advertise that everyone with one of these automatic rifles has 30 days to turn them in to their local police station. Newspapers, radio and TV stations would be more than happy to help you. After 30 days, anyone found with one of these weapons is immediately sent to prison for 10 years.

Let the police keep what they need and send the rest to the armed forces. Might even save a little money and a lot of lives in the future.

Charles Brown