The city of Chicago is at it again. Rahm Emanuel and the city of Chicago have joined the ranks of San Francisco, New York City, Milwaukee and other metropolitan cities with the rollout of their new metropolitan "CityKey" card. This card, designed primarily for immigrants, is a valid government-issued photo ID card available to any city resident regardless of housing status, immigration status or criminal record.

The Illinois State Board of Elections recently confirmed that this "CityKey" could be presented as a valid form of ID, allowing the presenter to register to vote. They were quick to assert however, the legal ramifications for fraudulently claiming citizenship while registering to vote, should prevent said unlawful behavior (consequences being jail time or deportation among others).

Please! Who is kidding whom here? Chicago is a declared sanctuary city; nobody is going to be deported! A criminal or illegal immigrant has already demonstrated disdain for our laws. What is to prevent them from doing it again, especially if it involves an incentive or two?

This card leaves the door wide open for voter fraud and is an insult to the struggle African-American men and all American women made to pass the 15th and 19th Amendments respectively. The integrity of our vote is now more than ever in jeopardy.

Janet Rios