I was assaulted both verbally and physically at a peaceful protest for sensible gun law reform. The Wheaton Police Department had been contacted beforehand and did nothing to protect us. We were immediately confronted by pro-gun people. At one point, a man shoved me from behind. I informed an officer, and he went to talk to that man and I didn't see him or the officer again.

The pro-gun people were rabid. There were clear sides where the groups were on either side of the driveway to the Fairgrounds. They continually came over to surround and shout at us. They did this to a Vietnam vet who stood with a sign saying to ban assault weapons. They told him he was a disgrace to the military and told him to prove he was a vet.

They took our signs or broke them. When I told a female officer. she just asked if I wanted them back. A male officer just stood the whole time with pro-gun people and would laugh as they made fun of us.

Afterward, I walked to my car and a man followed me to take pictures of my car and plates. He wore a badge around his neck. I asked him for his card. He said he didn't have to give it to me and the fun was for me to try to figure out who he is. He claimed he was a private detective. He did this to several women.

Since then, we have been harassed on Facebook. These are the people who should be allowed guns? They really don't help their argument when they behave like this. They may enjoy bullying people but we are not afraid. We say #Enough.

Jax West, Founder & President

Friends Who March